June 3, 2019

Brazil Medical Fair : Qianjing Medical :New trend of creativity and innovation

The 26th Brazil São Paulo International Medical Exhibition on May 21-24, 2019 is in full swing.HOSPITALAR is a professional exhibition jointly hosted by the international medical equipment exhibition of Sao Paulo and the famous MEDICA exhibition in Germany, which is certified by the international hospital federation (IHF).In 2000, it was awarded the title of "reliable business exhibition" by the department of commerce of the United States.





São Paulo has advanced medical facilities in the region, accounting for 65% of the entire Brazilian medical market. Most medical devices and healthcare products are imported, making it an ideal city for international medical enterprises to enter the Latin American market.After years of development, it has become a comprehensive and professional medical exhibition in Brazil and even in Latin America. It is a place for traders in Brazil and neighboring countries to find new products and technologies.




As a professional manufacturer of surgical stapler, Jiangsu Qianjing Medical provided innovative surgical equipment products for Brazilian agents.Scene onlookers customer in an endless stream of praise.Also got acquainted with agent of a lot of international friends at the same time, obtain extraordinary achievement.




The company's booth number is 20-180B. Those who have not participated in the exhibition, please hurry to the venue to see the company.






Qianjing Medical has achieved success at the Brazilian Medical Exhibition and will participate in other national exhibitions later.

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