August 5, 2020

Endoscope Stapler Assembly Skills Contest ended successfully

In order to further improve the technical level of the industrialized production of endoscopic staplers in the region and enhance the awareness of product quality, on the morning of August 1, the "Endoscopic Stapler Assembly Skills Competition" was held as scheduled at the Medical Device Training Center, Qian Jing Medical was invited to participate In this competition, a group of skilled masters gathered from all directions, from more than 20 local endoscopic stapler assembly teams and more than 60 players competed on the same stage to compete for honor. Representatives from Changzhou Inspection Branch of Jiangsu Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Jiangsu Medical Device Inspection Institute, Changzhou Wujin Market Supervision and Administration, Changzhou University, Changzhou Wujin People's Hospital, and Mr. Chen Zhongying attended as judges.



On the scene of the competition, Qian Jing medical players were calm, raced against time, paid attention to details, and strictly followed the rules. In the gun loading, binding, and level test arena, the high-level competitive state and skilled assembly operation ability are perfectly demonstrated, and it also fully reflects the study attitude and solid theoretical foundation of the first-line assembly technicians. After fierce competition and strict evaluation, Qian Jing medical players won the "stapler assembly expert" in this competition.





Through participating in skill competitions, Qian Jing medical players have gained growth and breakthroughs, and embraced a larger and better platform for displaying themselves, exercising skills, and discussing exchanges, showing that Qian Jing people are not afraid of strong players and dare to fight. The spiritual outlook. At the same time, the players also realized the shortcomings and found the gaps, which further inspired everyone's determination and confidence to strengthen their studies and strive to improve their overall quality and job skills, so as to shine in the future.

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